Meet the Imperor

His highness Imperor Destivarius the First, Ruler of Imps, Leader of Goblins, Player of Games, Speaker of English and German, welcomes you to Impheim!

We are engaging with TTRPG content, grand strategy games, 4X games, guides for all of that, some battlemap ‘s, homebrew monsters, Dungeons and Dragons, #DMAcademy and other things that interest us.

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What is Impheim?

This website serves as a place for us to consolidate links and information and as the bastion of Imps and the Impish-ly inclined. Impheim thus serves as the home for all such and more.

My goal is to provide content I share in other places here as well, or at least make it halfway easy to find from here.

Support the throne!

Your contribution can make a difference.

While a monetary contribution is the simplest and quickest way to let an Imperor know that you care, other options work just as well. Come have a chat over on Mastodon or subscribe to the YouTube channel and join chat during live streams or leave comments and likes. Both will boost morale! You can support me directly through Ko-Fi, which is also where you will find high quality versions of the stuff I post for free here and over on Mastodon.