Mother of Loam is a single quest module for almost any ttrpg system and compatible with d20 based systems. You and your table are going to try and help the town of Brockenbrook reclaim their sleep and venture into the haunted Brockenbrack swamps.

This spooky halloween-y module is intended for a party of at least 2 players and should be reasonably adjustable to any party size and level. You are provided with the story, a small boss encounter and some adversaries compatible with d20 based systems. You might have to prepare additional foes or adjust given stats, rewards and battle-maps as you require.

Simply check out the full (5 page) PDF or listen to the entire module below.

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The art for this single quest module was provided by the very creative ZebraFeatherAH who creates amazing digital art in his distinctive style and great love for detail.

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Mother Loam, by ZebraFeatherAH 2023

Disclaimer: This module and its parts are not intended or available for commercial use.