I have seen # campaigns in the #ttrpg space and I think they’re a really fun idea! So for this December, I figured I’d try my hand at it as well. So here it is #DecemberDiceDiary2023 , starting December 1st with questions around your #ttrpg experiences both as a dungeon master and/or a player!

Doesn’t matter if you’re a veteran or new to the hobby, come join in, share your stories and be inspired! Find new people to follow and talk to and share your best.

Here are all the questions for this years #DecemberDiceDiary :

  • December 1: What was your first character and what made them special?
  • December 2: Describe a memorable NPC your DM created. What made them stand out?
  • December 3: Share a plot twist that completely surprised you. How did it change the game?
  • December 4: What’s your favorite homebrew rule and why?
  • December 5: Tell us about a time your character nearly met their end. What saved them?
  • December 6: Which location from a campaign holds the best memories for you and why?
  • December 7: What’s the funniest mishap that’s occurred in your game?
  • December 8: Share a piece of lore from your campaign world that you love!
  • December 9: How do you develop relationships between characters in your campaign?
  • December 10: What’s a memorable villain your party has faced? What made them compelling?
  • December 11: What was the easiest puzzle or riddle your party made really hard for no reason?
  • December 12: What’s the most creative use of a spell or ability you’ve witnessed?
  • December 13: Share a moment when the game’s outcome hinged on a single dice roll!
  • December 14: How did you handle your character’s untimely demise?
  • December 15: What’s your favorite class to play and why?
  • December 16: What campaign are you currently playing or DMing?
  • December 17: What’s your go-to strategy in combat scenarios?
  • December 18: How do you integrate character backstories into the main campaign?
  • December 19: What’s a house rule you think others might like, too?
  • December 20: Share your most epic boss fight experience!
  • December 21: What’s your favorite magical item you’ve encountered or created?
  • December 22: How do you deal with player conflict at the table?
  • December 23: What’s the most memorable in-game decision you made and its consequences?
  • December 24: Describe your ideal TTRPG holiday special session!
  • December 25: Share a heartwarming in-game story from your adventures!
  • December 26: What tips do you have for new players or DMs?
  • December 27: How do you surprise the party or even the DM?
  • December 28: What’s a unique monster you’ve encountered or created?
  • December 29: Describe your most memorable critical success or failure!
  • December 30: How has playing TTRPGs impacted your real-life skills?
  • December 31: Reflect on your TTRPG journeys this year. What are your goals for the next?

I am really looking forward to seeing your contributions! Pick any day or all days, as you wish!

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