I’ve begun to make the battle maps I make for my own Dungeons and Dragons campaigns available over on my Ko-Fi they’re free to download at full scale and unbranded.

Here’s a little overview of the maps that you can get at the moment. I’m using Ko-Fi to help with the hosting (some of these are really quite large) and to give the option to maybe leave a little coin as a thank you, if you feel like it!

I am using mostly assets by Forgotten Adventures, but here’s a more exhaustive list of assets I use or have been using in the past.

All my battle maps are created using the excellent Dungeondraft or Wonderdraft by megasploot:

I wholeheartedly recommend the software. It’s easy to use, has huge amounts of assets available and actively being created for by the creators and many more I have linked above.

Making these maps with the tools I linked can take anywhere between 1 hour and 32 hours or more. It really just depends on how much detail you want and what the size is going to be. Creating multi level maps is of course always more time intensive than creating single level maps.

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