Are you part of or running a TTRPG campaign? Are you a dungeon master with your own homebrew and party, but you’re feeling a little bit stuck? Got some players you just can’t figure out how to integrate into your campaign’s story? Let me try and help you!


Workshop My Campaign (WMC)

My goal is simple: Help you find ways to make your campaign work. There are many reasons why a table top campaign might have issues or is stalling. There are also many, many, many videos, books, essays, blog posts, books, podcasts and more on this exact topic.

I don’t want to add to that pile (at least not just yet) with generalized suggestions and ideas. While the issues are often very similar across the varied landscapes that are TTRPG campaigns, such as scheduling, a lack of communication, etc., I want to make it more personal to your specific circumstances, issues and needs.

How is this supposed to work?

You get to writing, send me an eMail to either:

Tell me about your campaign and a little about yourself by answering the following questions (bold would be the least amount of information I need):

  1. Are you the dungeon master or the player?
  2. How long have you been with the party and how long has the campaign been going?
  3. How many players are in the campaign?
    • What classes/races, etc. do they play?
    • How well developed are your player’s backstories?
    • What are the main points of the player character stories?
    • How do these currently tie into the campaign (if at all)?
  4. How’s communication and the overall vibe?
    • Do people like each other?
    • Are there any interpersonal conflicts that aren’t part of the roleplay?
  5. Is it a homebrew campaign or a module?
    • What is the main story line?
    • Where is the party at the moment within the story?
  6. What system are you using?
  7. Where are you stuck or where would you like some input or feedback?
  8. Anything else you’d like to add?
  9. Any (non affiliate) links / channels / creators, you’d like me to shout out?

If I got any further questions, I’ll let you know and I’ll be creating a video where I go over your input and brainstorm ideas on how to help you with your campaign.

I’ll upload that video to YouTube for your consideration and others as well, because I hope that having more actual examples of how to approach roadblocks and hiccups in campaign contents, would be helpful to other players and dungeon masters as well.

I’d love to do follow-ups as well, to see if any of the input I gave had a positive – or even negative effect, when put into practice!

Help me reach a bunch of folks who might want to take advantage of this of this by sharing it around!

Data Protection Notice

Due to considerations in data protection, I won’t be using any names you supply, everything will be changed. The only direct mentions I’ll allow is your answer to question 9, or if you’re a content creator yourself and want to be specifically mentioned. However, names of friends, players, etc. that aren’t already public figures will be altered (even if you already did that).

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