The internet is a harsh place, finding and knowing the right people with good ideas, good intentions and quality personalities can be a bit of a hassle. I’ve therefore decided to give credit where credit is due and curate a little list of people you can get in touch with online that are worth my time and possibly yours as well.

Amazing Artists


One of the kindest and most talented artists I’ve had the pleasure to meet. They’ve created my profile image and illustrated many an Imp!

Go check them out!


If you like traditional art like watercolors and acrylics with a bit of an otherworldly and eerie vibe, Triss got you covered. They designed the logo for our upcoming Oath Ring campaign!

Victoria aka cookiesdf

Your brain will feel like it’s being sent on a velvety vacation with the lovingly soothing pastel color palettes in her ongoing webcomic series. Mostly in Spanish, but that doesn’t mean you cannot appreciate their art!


Great artist with a strong alignment in the fantasy and ttrpg space. They designed my Twitch and YT overlays and I’m using some of their ttrpg token borders.


Versatile and great artist with a large portfolio. Every time he posts something, I can’t help but like it.

TTRPG and RPG Folks aka Kirk

Great resource on all things ttrpg. He’s writing a lot about what’s going on, giving recommendations, links, and everything you might think of for the hobby.


Another great resource for TTRPG things and stuff. GMRaphi covers anything about role-playing, game mastering, mmorpgs, and games in general.


One of those people I am always happy to see post. Interesting insights and really cool links around TTRPGs and RPGs.

Chaska the Magic Dog

A lot of TTRPG related content. Runs their own discord and often has interesting scoops to get some info from. Also super friendly, which is always a huge plus.

Fellow Streamers & YouTubers


Gaming and TTRPG related streams, definitely worth a follow and a watch. Very kind, very calm and consistent in what they do. Super welcoming chat and community to go along with her streams.


Fellow Crusader Kings 3 streamer and all around nice lass. Really kind and welcoming community. Always worth a watch – or a listen, if you just want some background company!

Sponsors & Companies


blendingbits is focused on creating small super targeted programs and software systems that help companies as well as individuals to reach their potential. They help automate tedious tasks and maintain the code for you. I know some of their folk personally and they helped me with some of the programs I use for my TTRPG endeavors like the NPC name generator over on